Thursday, May 01, 2003

No, a small amount of WMD does not answer the claims that Bush insisted on as the reason to start a war on Iraq.

For the WMD situation to make sense, the weapons had to be at hand, ready to be used (not STILL hidden: that doesn't make any sense)

When we went in, did we run to the locations we "knew" had WMD? No, they ran to the oil fields.
Saddam knew we were going to attack him, any plan to use WMD meant that they weapons had to be ready to be used, not buried somewhere.

We know Bush lied about why we were attacked on 9/11. He claimed it was because we are a "beacon of freedom" and that they hate our freedoms. This is a lie. we have seen what the FBI said the motives were, terrorism experts have said and bin Laden has said.
we also know that the hijackers drank and went to strip clubs: they LIKED our freedoms. what they didn't like was the fact that US foreign polices impose undemocratic rulers over them and prop up this leaders so that NO ONE (not those wanting a strict Islamic government nor those wanting any kind of change in the governments that rule over them) US foreign polices manipulate and oppress all the people (except of course the rulers and even at one point the extremists!! At one point, our leaders in their infinite wisdom thought it was a good idea to support the same extremists agenda that attacked us on 9/11!) Terrorism was fine as long as it was directed at others.

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