Monday, May 12, 2003

<< You are simply another Antisemitic pig with nothing to do but throw unsubstantiated rumors around. >>

You guys are shameless. I quote a reporter to back up what I said and still it isn't enough. Again with the name calling.
Your source is very suspect since he begins his article with a dishonest and flawed argument in which he attempts to show "anti-Israel" bias on the part of the Times:

On March 4, a 59-year-old American Baptist, William P. Hyde, was among 21 people killed by a suicide bomber in Davao in the southern Philippines. That an American died was made clear in the following day's New York Times. The Times titled its news report "Bombing Kills An American And 20 Others In Philippines." The first seven paragraphs concerned Hyde, who had lived and worked in the Philippines since 1978, and another American, Barbara Stevens, who had been "slightly wounded" in the attack. The caption alongside two photos on the front page of that day's Times also made reference to his death, as did a news summary on page 2. In addition, the paper ran an editorial titled "Fighting Terror in the Philippines." And a front-page photo of a wounded boy, and the caption that accompanied it, made clear that at least one child had been among the injured.

On the next day (March 5), another American Baptist, 14-year-old Abigail Litle, was among 16 people killed by a suicide bomber on a bus in Haifa, Israel. The story and photo caption in the March 6 Times, tucked at the bottom corner of page 1, made no mention of Abigail's name. Neither the headline nor the photo caption indicated that an American had died, or that the suicide bomber had deliberately chosen a bus packed with schoolchildren, or that a majority of those killed had been teenagers.

Tom Gross is trying to make the case that the NYT is "anti-Israel" because it reported a suicide bombing killing a Baptist which they named but when a suicide bombing occurred the next day in Israel they "only" printed a story about it "tucked at the bottom corner of page 1" Page 1 no less! Tom Gross is too much. And his point that the Baptist isn't mentioned by name "proves" bias is absurd. What he neglects to say is that the girl's name was mentioned at least two times the following day. And he wrote his article 7 days after that so it was available to him. The lengths some go to make such absurd points is really to much. Here is one of the NYT articles that does mention the girl by name. (so the guy you are quoting has some kind of argument that doesn't even hold water. What the hell did the guy think he was proving and why such sloppy or dishonest approach about his point? His point is absurd. he wants us to believe the NYT is "anti-ISrael'?? boy does he lay it on thick!

Foreign Desk | March 7, 2003, Friday
Israelis Bury Haifa Bombing Victims

By JAMES BENNET (NYT) 820 words
Late Edition - Final , Section A , Page 10 , Column 3

ABSTRACT - Suicide bombing of bus in Haifa, Israel, kills 15 people, at least 8 of them students under age of 18; among victims is Abigail Little, 14-year-old American Christian whose father worked for Baptist Church; in Haifa, funeral after funeral is held in section of cemetery reserved for victims of terrorism; photo (M) On the brightest of spring days, on the most pleasant of streets, among the most innocent of strangers, after the longest of lulls for Israelis in their seemingly endless conflict, a Palestinian suicide bomber exploded in a hail of shrapnel on Wednesday.

These were some of the victims: a father and son riding the bus together; a 12-year-old Druse girl; a 14-year-old American Christian; a 13-year-old boy, Yuval Mendelevich, who had just said to his father, ''I love you.''

the article by Tom Gross that you quote claims that Hedges makes "wild accusations against Israel." what does he do to back up his claim?
he claims that the accusations are "rejected by the Israeli army" yet offers no proof, no name of someone saying so. he just says "the Israeli army" rejects the accusation. (and this is supposed to "prove" that the accusations are "wild"?)

What Tom Gross neglects to say is that Hedges is not alone in pointing out that the Israeli arming is targeting and shooting children. A reporter for an Israeli newspaper interviewed an Israeli army sharpshooter who admits they shoot children AND the Israeli Human Rights group, B'Tselem reports this too.

Ha'aretz (Hebrew daily newspaper) correspondent Amira Hass interviewed an IDF sharpshooter who admitted that IDF rules of engagement give soldiers a freehand to shooting children above the age of 12. "If you say you have seen children that have been hit in the head a lot, then it is sharpshooters," the sharpshooter told Hass. No surprise. IDF soldiers are amongst the best-trained and equipped in the world. ( source is the Israeli newspaper's article, "Don't shoot till you can see they're over the age of 12," Ha'aretz, November 20, 2000 )

IDF troops shoot and kill civilians at will, with total impunity from the international community as well as their own military commandants, as the Israeli Human Rights group, B'Tselem reveals:

"Over the years, B'Tselem has received hundreds of letters from the Judge Advocate General's office regarding events in which Palestinians were killed, injured, or beaten by soldiers. In some of the cases, Military Police investigations were opened, and in some, the Judge Advocate General's office only conducted an internal investigation. Most of the replies that B'Tselem received state that the soldiers acted properly and that no action was taken against the soldiers involved" (B,Tselem, 11/13/01).

before you libel someone with this "antisemitic" lable, why not reaserch the facts? you are out of control and so is Tom Gross.

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