Friday, May 30, 2003

"To his American friends, Ahmad Chalabi is a democrat and a paragon of Iraqi patriotism. To his enemies, he's a crook. Does he have the stuff to reshape Iraq?" The answer, according to Newsweek, is no.

That goes for many Iraqis inside the country. Nobody in Iraq can be sure what Chalabi's agenda is, or who his real allies are. A high-ranking U.S. military-intelligence officer told NEWSWEEK he was stunned when he began talking to locals, even anti-Saddam locals, about Chalabi's credibility. "It's astonishing how little support he has," the officer said. When a U.S. general asked the officer what he was hearing, the officer told him, "I'm sorry to say it, sir, but I'm afraid we're backing the wrong horse."

And surprise surprise, Chalabi supports an oil pipeline to pump oil into Israel!! (not something that would be popular with Iraqis either). This Chalabi guy isn't popular in a country that we supposedly want to set up a democracy. Democracy is supposed to mean that the citizens can vote on what leaders they want.
Notice this hasn't been pointed out on TV?

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