Sunday, May 11, 2003

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Media Reform 5/9/2003 2:46 PM Mountain Daylight Time

Take Action: After reading the following article; Call your congressional Representatives and tell them to demand that no American or Non-Iraqi company be granted the rights to distribute Iraqi Oil! >>

I posted the article from another source, I didn't write it. The point I was making was the point I wrote. I wrote this and only this:
do you like terrorism? If not, it is time to stop the people in Washington from screwing over MORE people in the Middle East. Call your representative and tell them to stop the US foreign policy makers from trying to profit off of Iraq.

The decisions on who will distribute the oil and how it will be done is the decision of the Iraqi people not US businessmen. Who do you think is making the decisions? The US could have included Iraqis that wanted to be in the political process and set up a true democratic system to establish a government. That is not happening. People are being excluded and the Iraqis allowed in are hand picked by the US.
Look at the sick plan they want to impose on the Iraqis. (you keep playing this game that this is all on the level) do you HONESTLY think that the Iraqi people ant to have a pipeline to Israel? Remember I said honestly. You can't seem to get the idea that this whole thing is corrupt.
Can the fact that they are planning a pipeline that the overwhelming majority of Iraqis would oppose finally make you understand that this US of Control of Iraq is CORRUPT?
What the hell does it take?

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