Tuesday, May 06, 2003

This is the rare Conspiracy Theory Rock (a spoof of "Schoolhouse Rock") segment from Saturday Night Live. It only aired once, and then was mysteriously cut out from that episode's rebroadcasts.

NBC claimed it was pulled because it "wasn't funny", but that's the same excuse they gave when they canned Norm MacDonald. Ironically, instead of ignoring the cartoon's joking around about NBC suppressing information and squashing dissent, it proved it instead.

In fact, there is more truth in this 2 1/2 minute short than has been broadcast on network television in the last decade. It was produced by Robert Smigel, (The Ambiguously Gay Duo, X-Presidents, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog) who has a new show on Comedy Central called 'TV Funhouse'.
see the video here:

look what the Simpson's Harry Shearer said:
Question: A few years ago there was a Robert Smigel cartoon on Saturday Night Live entitled "Conspiracy Theory Rock" which was actually a very sophisticated satire of the increasing concentration of media ownership in a small number of huge multi-national corporations. It included references to Disney, ABC, CBS and NBC and its parent company, General Electric. When the show went into reruns the cartoon was pulled from the show. Loren Michaels was quoted as saying that the reason the segment was pulled was because "I didn't think it worked comedicly." Having worked on the show for two years and having a good grasp on the media and politics what do you think the truth really is?

Harry Shearer: The truth is that Lorne wanted to continue working at 30 Rock.
Harry Shearer

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